Benefit to Home Owners


Fixed Price Contract

We take the headache out of the costing. One price from start to finish. We include all professional fees- architect, planning to council, land surveyor, structural engineer, plumbing and electrical engineering etc. All Included! And we monitor all payments to contractors and suppliers. You know before we go in site what your home will cost, and you’ll have complete control over your finances via your own project dashboard

On Time, On Budget

Comes standard with every project.

At Becker Create we understand the pressures of building. Our unique technology cuts out the unknown, allowing us to build on time and on budget, every time.

True to Design

What we design gets built. It is that simple. Every detail is transmitted with zero loss, from drawing board to the finished product, via digital fabrication. There is no adjustment or room for interpretation on site. The final building is not the builder’s best interpretation of your design. It is your complete, true design.

Benefit to Builders


Tracking Record

Becker Create uses leading edge technology to monitor our on-site works. All our subcontractors and suppliers are linked into our project management software. Clients can log onto our website any time to review the project build.

No Mess, No fuss.

Building with the Becker Create team means no guessing games. There is no messy cutting, welded, piercing or pouring of sloppy, cold concrete on site. Our on site manuals tell you exactly which component fits where. It’s all monitored and accounted for.

Time is Money

This is the best reason to use Becker Create: A super quick build out. A small trained crew can assemble the structure within 10 days. We work to zero tolerances using light steel frame technology. This means that all finishes, custom cabinets for kitchen and bathrooms, doors and windows can be ordered before going to site. No Waiting.

Benefits for Architecture


Expansive Space

Think Open; free space. No internal load bearing columns. Uncluttered flow from the  inside to the outside. Crisp finishes to ceilings and walls.

A Machine for Living in

Design integration is our core competency. We hide all the complexity of modern living into a seamless, clean composition. Solar heating, electricity, air conditioning units, rain harvesting, smart home systems, are all beautifully and harmoniously integrated into the home fabric.

Design within Budget

The building science of Becker Create lets you benefit from almost instant budget feedback. Stay within cost and schedule constraints while designing for maximum effect. Our procurement team is always striving to find better, up to the minute products at the best prices.

Benefits to the Environment


Say Goodbye to Heavy Duty.

All components are delivered just in time for assembly. The steel is light, so transport costs are halved; good for the environment, the city and your street. Each element is designed to be installed with ease and without requiring heavy duty & noisy construction machinery,

Zero Waste, Net Zero Energy

Buildings are responsible for half of all energy resource extraction. At the same time, more than half of all landfills are filled with construction waste. There is no waste created on a Becker Create job site. Actually, there is no waste in the production process at all.

Long term Health

We build high performance homes. This means that your home is wrapped in non-toxic materials, and insulated against heat and cold. Your space is comfortable year round so that your air conditioner needs to work at half its capacity. Good for the environment and for your pocket too.